• Name of Scheme: Investor Visa (Tier 1)

  • VISA Length: 3 Years 4 Months (with a potential to extend for a further 2 years)

  • Residency Requirements: None

  • Investment Requirements: £2,000,000

  • Minimum Net Worth: n/a

  • Family Members: Husband, wife or partner and children under 18 years can come with you.

  • Restrictions on Source of Funds and Use of Investment: None


  • Personal Security

  • No Restrictions on Dual Citizenship

  • Passport Strength (Ranked 6th in the world with access to 183 destinations - Henley Passport Index 2019)

  • Political Stability

  • No Restrictions on Dual Citizenship

  • Friendly, welcoming environment with a vibrant business community.


Brexit is a unique challenge that is affecting both the UK and the rest of the European Union in a fashion that this unpredictable and unprecidented. The outcome of Brexit remains uncertain and careful consideration needs to be given to an application for UK Residency or Citizenship in circumstances where access to the EU marketplace is improtant. The opposite is true also for other programmes in EU coutnries.

Our team, based in Dublin, Ireland, can give expert advice and information on the latest Brexit events and provide some guidance around how the unfolding situation may impact on particular requirements.