Visa/residency/citizenship consulting

DFI have vast experience in EU and European Visa, Residency and Citizenship schemes.

We can provide tailored advice to individuals, families and businesses seeking to operate and / or live in Europe.

application support solution

DFI will assist you progress an application for you and your family to obtain the required citizenship/residency solution in the jurisdiction that you choose.

Our services include:

  • Consultation on different schemes available.

  • Detailed preperation of required papers for progressing a scheme

  • Submission of application

  • Engagement with relevant state authorities adjudicating on an application and case management of the application from initial engagement to completion.

post-acceptance Process

We have significant local knowledge in key European markets and can assist with:

  • Investment advisor introductions.

  • Support for visiting your new country of residence/citizenship including pre-application and post-application visits and itineries.

  • Introductions to local professional advisors (tax, accounting and legal).

  • Assistance with establishing family in relevant country. This ranges from transporting personal effects, enrollment in schools, introduction to new country. Set up of utilities, transport and other livestyle norms.

  • Sourcing accomodation (for rent or purchase).

ongoing support

We operate on the basis of building a long lasting relationship. Many of our clients become clients for life and we can provide assistance on a range of further engagements.