**DFI Consulting do not provide investment advice. The following details are for information purposes only**

One of the core components of any Investor Visa programme is the placing of funds into a qualifying investment structure.

Depending on the jurisdiction the quantum, structure and type of investment required changes and individuals seeking to progress with an application for an Investment Visa need to pay particular cognisance to these requirements.

DFI Consulting do not act as investment advisors or investment brokers however we are expertly placed to provide guidance on the investment requirements for the different schemes and are delighted to provide trusted introductions to qualified and regulated investment professionals for those seeking further advice in this regard.

A summary of the investment criteria for each jurisdiction is outlined below but we would strongly recommend discussing with us the details of the requirements:

Ireland: €1,000,000 (or €2,000,000 in a REIT or €500,000 in endowment). Yes. No borrowings allowed. Required to be invested in job growth or social housing in Ireland.

UK: UK Government Bonds; or share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies, other than those principally engaged in property investment, property management or property development.

Malta: Non-refundable Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund set up by the Government of Malta. Main applicant - €650,000, Spouse - €25,000, Minor children - €25,000 each, Children 18-26 (unmarried) - €50,000 each, Dependent parents & grandparents - €50,000 each, Adult children (physically or mentally challenged) - €50,000 each. PLUS Buy a property for at least €350,000 or rent a property for €16,000 pa. PLUS an investment of €150k in govt approved financial instruments for 5 years.

Cyprus: €2,000,000. Investment in property (residential or commercial). Can be made available for rent.

Portugal: €350,000 - €500,000. Investment in property. Reduced investment in property requiring upgrade or renovation