Securing Opportunity in Europe and the EU

DFI Consulting is a leading advisor to High Net Worth Individuals and Companies seeking European Residency by Investment and Citizenship Planning support. Since 2015, our team of Consultants have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to progress applications in multiple jurisdictions including Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus, and Malta. Our mission is to deliver a safe and secure environment for clients and their families while providing global mobility, economic freedom, privacy, and political stability. Contact us today for your free, confidential consultation.

Residency Vs. Citizenship

There are a variety of key differences between Residency and Citizenship with the main distinction being that Citizenship is lifelong and transferrable to children. Residency permits typically must be periodically renewed and the individual must continue to meet relevant requirements to maintain residency. In many jurisdictions, Citizenship follows an approved period of Residency. Sample criteria for Residency include the following:

  • Minimum Net Worth

  • Minimum Investment Amount

  • Investment in Qualifying Sectors, Programmes, and Funds

  • Successfully Providing Source of Funds and Passing Background Checks


Benefits of Dual Citizenship and Residency by Investment

There are numerous benefits for High-Net Worth Individuals in arranging Residency or Citizenship within Europe including:

  • High Standard of Living, Physical Safety, Political Stability, Access to World Class Healthcare and Top Quality Education, Business Friendly Environment, Tax Benefits, Avoid Mandatory Military Service/Draft, Diverse Culture, Enhanced Global Mobility (visa free or visa on arrival to a wide range of countries - varies passport to passport),


Our Process

Our team of specialist Consultants will guide you through all phases of the process from an initial free consultation through to local, on-the-ground support following your successful Residency/Citizenship application. We act as your concierge in Europe and we can office advice and guidance across a wide range of areas. The step-by-step process is outlined below:

  1. Free Consultation: Our team will conduct a highly confidential and no-strings-attached consultation where we gain a better understanding of your Residency/Citizenship needs and your suitability for one or more of the available European programmes.

  2. Application Process: Once you decide to progress an application, our team will ensure that all the paperwork is accurately filed with the relevant authorities and we will manage your application from start to finish. We will conduct due diligence and background checks at this stage.

  3. Post-Application Support: Congratulations, you have successfully been approved for Residency or Citizenship! Now our team become your trusted partners in Europe providing local knowledge, advice, and a full concierge service to when you visit your new country of residency.